What is d.work?

Our future is decentralized. Just like social media completely disrupted the media industry, many other aspects of our daily lives will be affected by this evolution. The way we work is dramatically changing. A process that has already started in different levels:

  • Organisation: freelance and flexwork, gig-economy. Now 35% > 50% of workforce. 10m extra every year
  • Location: cowork industry, remote work, digital nomadism. 1,7 million, 24% annual growth

And that’s a good thing; by becoming independent people take back control of their own lives. This is creating an enormous new market of doers, makers and shakers.

Increasing flexibility is also a major driver for economic growth. But…


Working “a few hours here and there” at a coworking is difficult for workers and coworking-managers

  1. Tracking the time worked is manual effort
  2. Coworkings are focused on long term contracts
  3. Admin – invoices for small transactions


Cafes and restaurants are mostly empty at certain times of the day and they would love to monetize this time hosting flexible workers

  1. Workers don’t like to order a new drink every half hour
  2. Paying by the hour at a café or restaurant is unheard of
  3. Tracking the time worked is manual effort


d.work lets people find their favorite place to work and pay for it in one click.

Time tracking with check in / check out button
Payment through credit card on our platform
You pay based on how long you were checked in
You pay by credit card inside the app, like Uber
Successful test in Brussels: 10 places signed up, a few hundred users


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